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"Connecting with the dreams and aspirations of fellow human beings was an emotionally charged experience that left me utterly moved. Witnessing the power of collective intention and the boundless potential of love in action was truly heartwarming🥰” F***s***

An exclusive opportunity is beckoning—a chance to connect, to share, and to set forth your intentions for the coming year...

In Your Latiz, we will guide you through a beautiful ceremony, inviting you to share your intentions and deepest wishes for the upcoming journey. Your dreams will be the heart and soul of this ceremony—an exquisite symphony of collective energy that propels our desires from the latent to the manifest.

Eliyahu Ben-Avraham

This year, I am honored to be joined by my mentor, Eliyahu Ben-Avraham, a revered expert in Kabbalah. Drawing from a lineage of direct Kabbalah schooling, his teachings resonate with the wisdom of Rabbi Isaac Luria—one of the most significant Kabbalists in history. Together, we weave the timeless traditions of Kabbalah with a contemporary understanding, creating a rich tapestry of spiritual insights.

Please be assured that your privacy is our top priority. No names or personal information will be included in this sacred ceremony—only your intentions, dreams, and prayers. The entire ceremony will be recorded to craft a mesmerizing attunement, capturing the essence of our shared aspirations.

Join the transformative magic of Your Latiz—a unique opportunity to shape destinies and manifest dreams. Your contribution ensures the continuation of this enchanting ceremony, allowing collective energy to fuel aspirations. Be part of the magic—donate now and witness the power of dreams turning into reality. Your support makes the extraordinary possible. Contribute today and let the enchantment begin!

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