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Infused Talismans are the most potent form of talismans. The difference is that your talisman is infused with the energy of your spell, creating a powerful connection that enhances the effectiveness of manifesting your desired objectives. This way, you accelerate and amplify the results

Dispelling Curses and Removing Entities , Banish Negativity and Find Protection ,Kabbalistic Attunement.

I will infuse this talisman with cleansing and positive energy, with the hope of facilitating your recovery and well-being. I will conduct this energetic work within three business days and will provide you with a message once it is completed, sharing any relevant observations I may have made


FREE Infused for 7 days with a powerful LOVE love spell to influence the thoughts and feelings of your target, making them realize their love for you and return to you

The medallion also incorporates the properties of the Oxydian stone, known for being a powerful enhancer of reprogramming energies The medallion is personalized with your name and DOB.also incorporates the properties of the Oxydian stone, known for being a powerful enhancer of reprogramming energies . 


Ignite Change and Embark on a New Chapter in Your Life with this Talisman Infused with the Power of Your Chosen Spell..

The infused talisman, tailored to your unique desires, This infusion serves to channel and amplify your energy, redirecting it toward the specific goals of your choosing


Is there someone you have your eyes on who you are certain is the absolute one for you?

If you're looking to make that stubborn guy or gal fall in love with you, I've got just the thing! This obsidian talisman is infused With my Love Spell, you can open them up, get them to show their love, and stop hiding. Plus, you can say goodbye to fear and hello to love!


Join the ranks of the super-rich and rise to the top with this powerful money and riches spell.

I will cast the Kabbalistc Neuro spell for you on the same day as your order. we will infused your talisman and engraved with your name and DOB on a natural Labradorite stome. This is the most potent spell ever created for money, wealth, fortune, and power, used by the world's richest people.



This exquisite medallion has been meticulously crafted to provide you with a unique experience of spiritual and energetic connection. It is engraved with the Amida, the most powerful Kabbalistic connection, and personalized with your name and date of birth.

Infused for 7 days with a powerful spell to stimulate money and wealth manifestation.


Hi, I´m Chiara

Inheriting the legacy of magic from my witch lineage and pairing it with my expertise in neurology, I've created a unique synergy between the tangible and mystical worlds. In my pursuit of understanding the unexplainable, I've woven the precision of neurology with the profound depths of ancient Kabbalah spells and powerful entity invocations. This combination of science and magic crafts potent, transformative spells that generate impactful results.
I've had the privilege of aiding not only entrepreneurs and renowned personalities but also significant political figures, channeling formidable energies to address complex problems. My work strikes a balance between the rational and intuitive, tapping into the unseen, mystical dimensions of existence.
Born into a family of witches and committed to making a significant impact, I approach my craft with a blend of potent spells, a firm belief in the synergy of tradition and innovation, and a deep respect for both the seen and unseen facets of the universe

Spell Personalization: 

Unlock the full potential of magic with our 100% personalized spells tailored exclusively to your unique needs. Experience the astonishing power of a spell designed specifically for you, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your desires and goals.

Enchanting Audio Experience: 

Our thoughtfully crafted soundscapes enhance the spell's effectiveness, creating a truly immersive and transformative experience that amplifies your intentions.

Unwavering Guarantee: 

Your satisfaction is our utmost priority. We stand behind the quality and results of our spells. With our guarantee, you can embark on your magical journey with confidence
97.8% Customers Are Satisfied

Trusted By More Than 12,000 Customers Globally



How does NeuroSpell work?

Neurospells sessions are the most potent form of spells. The difference is that when we cast the spell using your name, we record the session into an audio, which we then send to you to listen to and attune to the frequency of your spell. This way, you accelerate and amplify the results.

What type of magic do you practice?

Luciferian and kabbalistic magick, however occasionally some other schools of magick are involved that are compatible.

You are totally safe in all my rituals - there is no karma, knock back effects of the spells or sacrifices from my casting.

Keep an open mind and relinquish all your preconceived poor notions of Lucifer, Lilith and their entire legion before engaging me.

Once you do, be mentally ready to break free from your fate and overhaul your life for the better.

How long does your  spell work take?

Usually, it takes 48 hrs - 1 week  to receive your order, but it can sometimes take  longer if I'm currently engaged in intensive magical workings.

You will receive a manual and an audio track of all the rituals performed.

All spells will be sent to you via email in PDF and MP3 formats, and I will be available to answer any follow-up questions related to your spell

How often should I listen to the audio?

To achieve the best outcomes, we suggest listening to the audio upon receiving it to activate the spell. Subsequently, you can continue using it to strengthen the desired changes.

How long do these spells take to manifest?

 Spells like healing, purification, curse removals and banishing/exorcism/spirit killings work immediately.

Certain spells can take several months and beyond to even see the effects of it. Timeline is up to Demons, do not expect immediate solutions or your life to change immediately in the next 24 hours. Ritual results can manifest very differently for different people and up to several months or more. It is very important to stay confident for your spells to manifest and don’t be obsessed over the results daily for the magic to work better.

Can I request for a refund?

I do offer refund 30 days money back, 

Please email me if you have any questions

Which spirit should I get?

The choice that resonates with you the most, the one that creates a profound connection within you, will be more beneficial and yield superior results compared to the one possessing the "correct" abilities. It is not within my capacity to provide an answer to this question for you. Instead, I encourage you to rely on your intuition and have faith in your instincts..

Can I get attunements with both angels and demons?

Indeed, despite the widespread notion, there is no inherent conflict between angels and demons. Numerous individuals, including myself, have attunements with both entities, and none of us have encountered any difficulties. 

What are attunements and how do they work?

The  attunements  sessions are similar to energy of spells. However, in this case, I'm aligning you remotely with the energy of a chosen spirit, person, or goal. This process enables you to directly channel the chosen energy and, in the case of spirits, harness their abilities. These sessions do not impose any limitations on your potential. If a spirit possesses a certain power, you can tap into it directly through this system. The attunement sessions are recorded and subsequently sent to you as an audio file.  It is comparable to tuning into a radio station, where attunements serve as a means to access and receive energy from the universe. Importantly, individuals are not possessed by the spirits associated with the energy, and they only carry the energy when actively working with it.
This provides you with the opportunity to activate the spell upon receipt and re-invoke it as necessary, thus manifesting its energy whenever you need

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