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This exquisite piece has been carefully crafted to provide you with a unique experience of spiritual and energetic connection, is engraved with the Amida, the most powerful Kabbalistic connection and personalized with your name 

Infused for 7 days with a powerful  LOVE love spell to stimulate the pineal gland, this talisman is designed to help expand your consciousness and awaken your inner manifestation potential.

The medallion also incorporates the properties of the Oxydian stone, known for being a powerful enhancer of reprogramming energies . 

  1. Powerful Kabbalistic Attunement: Our 7 days infused Come back to me  Kabbalistic spell will connect you with the energies of 191, granting you unprecedented control. This attunement can influence the thoughts and feelings of your target, making them realize their love for you and return to you

  2. Improved Communication with the Target: This practice will enhance your ability to communicate with your loved one, even if they're distant or confused. It can help you convey your feelings and desires clearly, ensuring they understand the depth of your love.

  3. Protection and Order: The energies of 191 can also provide protection and maintain order in your relationship. It acts as a shield against external influences that may threaten your connection.


This unique stone will assist you in releasing energetic blockages and aligning your chakras, allowing the vital energy to flow within you.

Feel a deep connection with yourself and the universe and wnjoy the  unique opportunity for transformation, empowerment, and personal growth. 

Pineal Gland Activation:  your pineal gland is activated, bringing benefits to your spiritual and mental well-being, receiving these reprogramming frequencies, reinforcing self-confidence, trust, overall health, and general well-being.

Immediate Transformation: This talisman is designed to offer you fast results, so you can achieve your goals in record time.

 8 Cm 24k Gold Plating + Natural Obsidian stone + Personalized Engraved


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