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Thought Implantations NEURO POWER SPELL

Thought Implantations NEURO POWER SPELL

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Thought Implantations NEURO POWER SPELL


Access the mind of your target to find out what is happening in their mind and heart, Implant or eliminate thoughts and feelings as you wish

Want to break through to a stubborn target in your life? Or maybe get a special message across to someone? Look no further!

Are you struggling to get through to a stubborn person in your life? Are your words falling on deaf ears? Whether it's a crush, partner, ex, family member, or even an addiction, I can help you get the results you desire.

With my services, I will perform 6 implantations and 3 deletes on your desired target. Simply provide me with their name and picture (though not necessary), as well as a list of the implantations and deletes you want me to perform.

Results typically come through in 1-2 weeks, depending on the energy of the target and the situation at hand. And with delivery in just 3-4 days, you won't have to wait long to see the effects.

Rest assured that all implantations are done safely with the help of my spiritual guides, and no black magic is involved.

Don't let a stubborn target stand in the way of your happiness. Place your order today and let me help you break through! Remember, one target per order.

**** Notice ****
**By law, all ritualists are required to state that All readings, candle burning and energy works are provided for religious and or divertissement or entertainment purposes, providing potentials and probabilities without guarantees as an individual’s free will may determine the actual experience or outcome and limitless opportunities.
You are buying the Document of Completion which will be sent to you via email. These readings are not intended to substitute advice or help from legal or medical professions. No legal or medical advice is given in my readings. You must be over the age of 18. I reserve the right to refuse or cancel a reading purchase if the reading request is outside of my ethical boundaries. I also reserve the right to limit the number of follow-up contacts after a ritual. I am happy to answer questions as to procedure but I do not issue refunds or issue partial refunds.
The purchasing of products signifies your acceptance of the policy statements and releases Neurospell from all liability.

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